Takuma Tanaka`s story

Photos by Robert Palmbo (National giographic exective producer)

From My fault story of life to coming back!!

My name is Takuma Tanaka.My I was born in1977 and go to Waseda university major in law.My life story is continuing fault story.I can`t pass the exam to become a lawyer.

Then I become mental sick and I started painting when I was 26 years old.

Most people say to me that it is impossible to become an artist,but I start selling my painting on the public road and police and audience says not to sell.

But some heartful people help to buy my painting.and i can open several exhibition in Japan and around the world.

and I can manage to get chances to be sold my paintings in Bonhams and other auction houses. Now I get chance to show and sell my painting in this field,I am happy and feel much thanks to everyone. 

some private teacher teaches me how to paint and art theory.
2009Learn Contemporary Art in Yotsuya Art Studium

Why l paint tree man series? This is my artist statement.

It appears that anthropocentrism is the crisis for human beings around the world.
Because the environment change of the earth and the technology evolution make us perplexing what to do.This is the essence of my artist statenent.
In more details,humanbeings,homosapiens are better than other creatures? I want to say No about this question.Humabeings,the member of it,individuals are inflated with self consciousness.And the capitalism which increases desires makes the number of it augment.As a result,our world exists.

But according to molecular biology and genetic research ,homosapiens differs little from other creatures.Only 1% there is a difference.It is said that most of DNA are the same between human beings and other creatures.

If this theory is true,we are likely to think ourselves are special presence,But there is little difference.Indeed we and others are almost same.

So I conceive it is possible the genes switch of humanbeing's growing hair and grass growing from the land is very similar.
In other words,the tree man series express that human beings are weak creature because we are not special.

Solo exhibition
2006Rahu gallery ,Saitama,Japan
Ginza Hayashi gallery ,Tokyo,Japan
2007The Museum of Modern Art,saitama,Japan
2009Edge gallery ,Osaka,Japan
2010J art gallery in shanghai(Now Park viewgreen gallery in shanghai)
2011J art gallery in shanghai
2012J art gallery in shanghai
2013 J art gallery in shanghai
2015Chashama gallery in NYC


Group Exhibitions
2005`the NIKA-ten`by NIKA KAI
2006`1st Sekaidoutaisyouten Exhibition"
`The neko-neko-ten Exhibition semi-grand prix award
"2007"the25th Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition"at the Ueno Royal MUseum,Tokyo.
"the81st kokuten` kokugakai in the national Art Center
2008"The82nd kokuten"kokugakai inthe National Art Center
2009"tochigino-gogatuno-bijyututen"3rd prize.2010.9-10group exhibition in RUFUS LIN GALLERY (Canada) with painting donated
2014Chen liu art museum in Taiwan

Public colllection
Urawa high school in Japan
Waseda university in Japan

200815 of my painting(including a paiting of size130)are used as Scene-painting by 「oshareizumu」(Television in Japan)
2009carried 2 stories by Asahi Shimbun(Saitama area)
2010my painting and brief personal record are introduced by Asahi Shimbun(Saitama area)2010carried 4 stories(about my painting of Urawa Red Diamonds) by Saitama Shimbun
2011carried 3 stories(about my painting donated to Urawa High School). contract with gallery,etc

2012.6chosen from thousands of artists by the ART TAKES TIMES SQUARE competition in Times Square.My painting was projected onto the bulletin board. and it was published on the commemorative album.
2012.12my painting were introduced on SCOPE MIAMI Art Fair at the ART TAKES MIAMI.and it was published on the commemorative album.

2011 Duo Yun Xuan(in Shanghai)
2014 Art number one (in Taipei)
Bonham (in HongKong)
2015 SBI ART AUCTION (in Tokyo)
   Lucanna Auction (in Singapore)
Cf auction




 solo exhibition