Rich or die.difficulty if Artist painter

"Rich or Die. Difficulity of Artist Painter."

Hello, I am Kerolin. I am assistant of Takuma.

We talked about how popular artist changes their style. We read the art auction catalogue which is publisher in 2015. We found one young artist.

She was born in 1986. She had exhibition in Tokyo, Singapore, even New York. She was reported by Japanese famous TV show.

We searched for her. And we were shocked. She stopped to create her works. We knew that now she is a musician.


According to Takuma, almost artist was influenced by the financial crisis in 2008. So she stopped.

We realized that surviving in art industry. Artist has to keep creating essential work. Takuma is creating balloon series. He express the feeling of people's heart. This is his way to survive in art industry.…/rich-or-die-difficul…

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