Attracted by the characteristics of being unique and quirky   Written by Yoko Yoshizawa

Attracted by the characteristics of being unique and quirky Written by Yoko Yoshizawa

In my one of my tours, I bring my guests to mainly enjoy savoring local sake at a sake place and Hokusai art in the Sumida Hokusai Museum in Ryogoku. Originally, I was interested in the area for the nicely mixed Edo and Tokyo culture to pick up some such as the grand sumo tournaments, “Chushingura” or the treasury of 47 royal retainers, the birthplace of the Edo style sushi, Sumida River fireworks display, many workshops of Japanese traditional crafts. The charms of the area are so many. Later, I knew Hokusai was born in Honjo in the area. 

Hokusai is a famous ukiyo-e painter in the Edo period, known for the representative works, “Gaifu Kaisei” known as “Red Fuji”, “Sanka Hakuu” known as “Rainstorm Beneath the Summit” and “Kanagawa Oki Namiura” known as “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” to bepopular with the represented views of Mt. Fuji for the common theme. To be frank, I became quite interested in Hokusai after I came across to an episode when he was 12 or 13 years old.  He was hired by a book rental shop at the time to walk around in the local to rent out books with carrying them on his back to be piled many books. It was a pleasure time for him to study sketches from the pictures depicted in the books, whenever he found a spare time. I like it to imagine the time of his spark joy he had while working and to know the very beginning of his art in his history. 

His history is divided into six periods. The already mentioned masterpieces were produced in the fifth period when he was over 70 years old. “Hokusai Manga” or the representative sketch book as drawing manuals was produced at his age of 55 for the first issue in the fourth period. The work is well known to have brought the start of Japonism in Europe in the late 19th century.

Hokusai was a unique and quirky artist. During his life of ninety years, it is said he moved from one place to another 93 times. When he noticed his room very mess, he moved out of the house to the next. He didn’t care what to eat, what to wear and where to livecompletely. He only cared about drawing and painting with his love. Also, he changed his artist names so often about 30 times due to the changes of his state of mind or his new style so he didn’t have any interest to have people remember his artist names. 

It’s sure his subtle and bold way along with amazing expressions in his works is so great.

Do you find your unique or quirky parts of you to stay original? It’s interesting to think aboutfor a fun.

Your family members or friends or colleagues may answer faster than you.

Your days, your free art.


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