Brilliant time, brilliant encounter  Written by Yoko Yoshizawa

Brilliant time, brilliant encounter Written by Yoko Yoshizawa



The time I met Takuma and Nori for the first time was at the closing party by Air bnb after its big meeting for the hosts of the experience contents. The venue was filled with good energy of their conversations taken place everywhere in the banquet room.  As it was about to end, I talked to them for the last. As soon as we talked for a few minutes, I became to know Takuma takes his guests through the organization to his studio to have them enjoy painting with his advices as a contemporary art artist. Takuma introduced me to Nori. He owns his tour to check out second hand clothing shops where you feel like finding out treasures as some items are vintage. He also rents his house in Hokkaido and he thinks about more business to link to it. Our talking couldn’t finish with the remaining party mood and we decided to go for dinner together. Once we headed to Takuya’s studio in Kanda by his car. It’s eye-catching as the body is painted in several colors for his art work.

Nori likes Takuma so much for his originality. He sometimes said to Takuma, “I can take off my clothes if I am asked to do so.” It’s just to bring us laughs and he is not a gay. 

After the car ride, we stopped by his studio where his painting works were displayed. His works there impressed me so much for the expressions something loving, humorous, pop, positive and warm. The taste or style comes from what he is. I felt it well for our conversations. 

We kept on talking about what were the essences on the earlier one day meeting while we had nice dishes and sake at an izakaya. 

Our talking was hardly stopped. We spent all night together to share future prospects for the fields where we are until the sun comes up. 

The morning breeze was like to push our backs gently.

It was right brilliant time, brilliant encounter. 

Your days, your free art.

Travel by painting by Tomoyo Ogawa

Travel by painting by Tomoyo Ogawa